I'm addicted to UG.
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Looking for a bj from an unsuspecting animal eh?
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I came, I saw, I cleaned it up.
... I'm here aren't I...

It's sooo sad.
i*[∂/∂t]*Ψt = -[∇^2]/2*(Ψt) (unitless form)

Almost as convenient as Wikipedia, but infinitely more hipster, Dover.
i rarely visit other forums, the pit is addictive as hell

Forza Juve

'e voglia 'e mettere rum, chi nasce strunz' nun po' addiventà babbà
lol yeah, its like heroin... you hate because everyone here is just an ego trippin' dick, yet you keep coming back
i don't find it so.

it's more of a comfort zone for me, where (in the pit) i can experience lulz.
"And after all of this, I am amazed...

...that I am cursed far more than I am praised."
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I don't know about ultamiteguitar, but ultimate guitar is.

Lol that's exactly what I thought of first.
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Maybe you've heard what the ladies say: "Once you go 77mm you don't go back"
the pit is addictive, i dont even most much and people dont know me but i'm on here loads
Aye the pit is. Whenever I come onto UG it's the first thing I go into, unless I'm getting tabs.
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that's a weird species. much weirder than, say, the Platypus or the Emo. i wonder what would happen if you cross bred an emo and a platypus. you'd get an emopus or a platyemo.... FFS! that still wouldn't out weird the female species
UG is sssssssssooooooooooo addictive.
i'll be in class and somebody will make a funny remark and i'll think to myself "and that my friend, is Pit worthy"
Ultimate Guitar or my girlfriend....

You know what, am I like the only person that isn't addicted to UG....

I'm addicted to my girlfriends boobs...
Cam Sampbell's my hero