this is a five-minute-poem i wrote some time ago... i felt optimistic

creep, creep you creep
creep up the creek,
creep with you clutches,
creep up the creek,
creep up, you deformed creep
creep up the creek,
creep without crumbling
creep without fear,
creep up you crippled piece of crap
creep up, where nobody has ever been.
This has got to be your most bizzare one yet izaguF!
I didnt like it too much though. It sounded terribly repetive, and when I first read the title I thogh somebody might have tried to nick a Radiohead song and post it here hoping for preps :0
For a five minute poem its good though, I suppose if I didn't know that I might be much more harsh Not bad, man. I get the feeling you wrote it about someone you know as a jokey jab at them. Perhaps thats just something I'd do...whatever.


i loved "creep up you crippled piece of crap"
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