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we all know the subgenres of rock, but what are the subdivisions of rap music? What's the heaviest form of rap? Is there such a thing as, say, progressive rap?

What about the same for electro?

I know this is a bit ironic coming from a member of the "forget the subgenres" club, but I was just interested.

DON'T DISCRIMINATE, just explain.

Thank you, sirs, madams and Kensai
theres Gangsta Rap, West Coast Rap, East Coast Rap, Hyphy Rap, Thizz Rap, Crunk Rap, Dirty South Rap. thats all i can think of right now. oh and there isnt progressive rap but Guru made a few CDs of something that could be called Jazz-Rap... mixing of jazz with rap. Look for Jazzmatazz. its pretty cool actually.

got nothing on electro... don't like that stuff.

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the sub-genres of rap are things like gangster rap, Southern, ATL, East/West coast, things like that.
theres Grime, which just evolved out of the UK garage scene
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rap tends to disambiguate itslelf based on geography. what i've i've noticed anyway. also, the amount of bling and entourage in a video will provide some insight as to where the artists is from, thus giving away the sub-genre.

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Well there's your black rap (obvious), death rap, thrash rap, gothic rap, power rap, traditional rap, melodic rap, and then all the combinations.

I mean really, it just goes on and on. To me rap is just rap. I'm not too picky about what specific genre of blackened-neo-melodic-power-death rap my favourite blackened-neo-melodic-power-death rap is.

It's allll good.
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grime is horrible i hate it so much


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