This is going to be the exact same thread as "which guitar should I buy," just a different instrument. I know to play around and find one i like, i'm just wondering if there are any brand names with bad reps: mainly ****ty durability. also, does anyone know anything about electric drums? are they just a huge scam, or can you actaully get a good sounding kit? all i know is that they'd be lame for a live show

thanks in advance
Electric drums = do not use live.
They have pros that u dont have to tune but u need amplication (which shudnt be a problem) and they can sound a bit dead and boring sometimes.

DO NOT BUY STAGG - thats all i am saying.

But generally drum stuff is really expensive - way more than guitar.
A stand costs like £50 at least. One of my cymbals is £200.
Even maintaining stuff like drum skins is up to £35 - £40 for one. My bass drum skin replacement is like £35 and standard ones for like snare and toms is about £12 - £20.
and sticks are usually about £5 - 10 - they are the same price for each size of stick generally.

oh and don't buy those crappy argos magazine drums. Just don't.

Buy some yahama, premier, tama etc.

More things to add are that: Protect your drums when not in use. I presume u will be keeping them in a garage - so don't let moisture get near to them or the wood will warp.

and just hope you have a nice/understanding neighbours because they are VERY loud.

Before you go out and spend on a kit go and get some lessons to see if you will go anywhere with it cause some people buy kits and then cant actually play them.

Sorry if this seems like "you suck" sort of stuff its just drums are quite expensive and you don't want to splash out into really expensive stuff.

Good luck.
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thanks dude!
me and some freinds have been jamming for aobut a year now, and no1 we know has a kit who wants to drum, so we're all just going to split one and try to convert one of our friends. we're looking at spending about $800 in all. i'm going to the store in 2 hours though, i'll probably have more questions when i get back. i hate the sales people at Long & McQuade
i have a pearl export series i would have to say their pretty good for a basic set i just need to buy a dbl. pedal and more cymbals before i upgrade me set itself