Hi.. I am wiring hot rails to my strat bridge position. Neck n mid are stock.


I use this diagram but my switch is different from the one in the diagram. In the diagram, for the 5-way selector, there are 4 lugs on the leftside and 4 on the right side. And the left side lugs are positioned abit foward and the right side lugs are abit "lower".. The diagram illustrates tat..

my gotoh 5way has 4 lugs on each side also, but it has the right side lugs in a slightly foward position and the left side lugs are a litle back..Like a mirror image of the switch in the diagram..

When i tried wiring the pickup, it gave me weird readings on my multimeter.(testing for ohms).. 200kohms etc.. I think i got the swithc part wrong.

So can someone tell me whats the difference (wiring wise) between my gotoh 5way switch and the one in the diagram? Im not really experienced at guitar electronics so pardon my noobness
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could jsut be something to do with the positive and negatives on the switch, try getting the diagram for your gotoh?
Not all switches are made exactly the same. Just have to look at it and figure out how the power flows thru it in the different positions. And if all your doing is replacing the one pickup just swap the wires. Unless you made the critical error of taking it all apart first.