i got an epi lp with covered humbuckers.
i want to remove the covers---can i just take em off with a screwdriver or dooi i have to take outthe whole p
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I think it's possible with Passive buckers, but it doesn;t look pretty when ya do. I know it's possible, because Clapton n' co. Used to do it with their Gibsons - I know Page's LP had the bridge bucker with the cover taken off...
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I would say that it is possible, but idk about doing it. Maybe just buy some new uncovered humbuckers. theyll sound better, and look how u want em to.
you unscrew the mount and the pickup from the mount and desolder the bit holding on the cover.
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It's a royal pain in the ass.

The covers are soldered on, and the pickups are potted, either in wax or epoxy. If it's wax, you can warm up the pickups with a hairdryer after you remove the solder and pull the covers off. If they're epoxied, no dice.

In either case, you DON'T remove the six screws on the front. Those are adjustable pole-pieces. They stay in place.

IMHO, you'll be better off to replace the pickups with something from GFS. They aren't that expensive. You'll save yourself from an annoying chore.

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