i let my friend play my guitar for a bit, and when I got it back my ****ing volume knob is jammed or something!? it won't budge at all, in either direction, even when i twist really really hard.. anyone know what I could do to fix it?
btw, its an ibanez rg prestige
do not force it and mabe ruin a very nice guitar, mabe even ruin the warranty

if i were u i would take it to what ever Ibanez licensed dealer u bought it from and get them to fix it
i dont know how the knobs work on your ibanez, but dont twist it hard, seriously, never twist it hard.

That way i snapt the wire that it was connected with on my guitar, and had to resolder it.

Check out the back, unscrew it and see if everythings connected, and to see if somethings jamming it.

Otherwise it could have a locking mechanism on the knob itself, which can be tightened and loosend so you can look for those.
Sounds like you have learned a valuable lesson on why you dont let others play your guitar. If its stuck your gonna need a new one.
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go back to the pit, that's why.

TS. take off the plastic knob. then repost on what's going on underneath.

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