I can't seem to make my fingers do a bar chord. i think it is impossible with the way my finger is shaped (i know, that sounds weird, but whatever). does it just take some time or are some people actually not capable of doing them?
barre chords and practise makes perfect
pics of this oddly shapped finger?
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It takes some time. Try putting your thumb on the middle of the neck and not on the top or near the top of the neck.
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took me a while to get it and it's exactly the same with every new thing i try.
practice it...and then some more practice...and then you'll get it
are u using the side of your finger? some say use the side, but if ur like me and have a quite wide gap in the side of your finger, use the flat, it will hurt at first, but after like 2 weeks i can do it with flat
Practice will help strengthen your fingers, therefore making it easier to barre across the frets.
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it takes a while to get callouses on your bar finger, just practice
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