This is a new thing i just finished recording.

After i discovered that i had Edirol Orchestral VST i thought it would be cool to make a Baroque style thing because the Violin and harpsichord sounds pretty good.

I also used Edirol Super Quartet for the bass which sounds pretty real.

I originally wrote the bass and keys for it with no guitar and when it came to recording i just had to look at the chords down and make something up. I think it's turned out pretty well.

Check it out. C4C

Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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listening now. I always enjoy rock orchestras so lets see how this turns. Cool intro. I love the build up. I feel the drums got alittle to rauchous. I like the start stop stuff going on. The leads are cool, and fit eachother well. I can tell your using beatcraft which is a negative, play around with the eq settings and you ll be surprised the sound you can get out of beatcraft. The midi notes were good and the ideas were good. But the actual sound took away from them alittle bit. But you definitly are on the right track with the whole track man, very enjoyable listen...somethign different.

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