can someone explain to me how to do a Harmonic(pinch). ive read the lessons on this site but i still cant do them, so can someone dumb it down for me?

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first of all this is definately a situation where you need to get comfortable with doing the harmonics. its a matter of feel. what you want to do is hold the pick so that your thumb and pick pretty much hit the string at the same time. a piece of the skin on the side of your thumb needs to hit the string right after the pick does. you almost have to hold the tip of the pick for this. basically your hand needs to hold the pick as far up on the pick as possible. its kind of hard to explain but theres gotta be pictures of this on the internet somewhere.
^ theres not really a dumbed down explanation. you pick with the very tip and lightly touch your thumb to the string as you pick. this produces a pinch harmonic, most guitarists i've met start off doing them on accident, then eventually they start figuring out how they're doing them on accident and work on it till they can do it at will. just keep at it!