hey there, i recently bought a midi keyboard for my comp, i've been feeling like trying something different, and as a closet trance/techno/D&B fan i figured i'd give a shot at that.

my question is, does anybody know of any good sequencing programs for this? I have Fruity Loops, and it seems to be good, but i've been told that there are much better, alas i've forgotten the names...

anybody have any experience with this?
Reason is the best program for that, hands down.

Its sequencer is lacking though, so you can run it alongside another sequencer program, and just use the Reason instruments.

Logic is the best sequencer program atm, but it's mac only so get cubase if you have a PC

If you're not willing to buy two programs though, just get Reason. The sequencer is tolerable and everything else about it rules so hard.