To spend on a new guitar.
I am looking for a spiky-ish shape, because I haven't had one before and would like to try one.
I play mostly metal, but would need some good clean tones (obviously).
Floyd Rose + EMGs preferred but not essential.
Any suggestions?
Jackson RR3 maybe I think they're in your price range.

EDIT: I just checked GAK and they're £400 with a floyd rose and Seymour Duncan pickups
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im not to fond of the deans, but it sounds like it might be what your looking for...
oh and sorry I dont know any european sites or anything :P

or maybe some sort of BC rich, but once again im personally not to fond of these, haha
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^^^ Hmmm very interesting.. I will definitely look into that.
Are agile guitars any good, I mean EMGs and licensed Floyd for like 400