Hello Everyone, I am new to the Guitar and New to the site. I am pretty jazzed to learn to play and this is an great site. I looked through the FAQs and checkout recent posts on several of the forums so I hope I am doing the right thing by posting my question here.

Anyways, my question: I studied the "reading tablature" lessons on this site and they where really helpful. But I walked away with one question. How do I know what finger to place on the on the fret and string combo the tab tells you? I am assuming I missed something in the lessons or it does not specify and you do what is comfortable.......... can anyone help me with this question? Thanks
Do whatever's easiest for you.
Do whatever's easiest for you, but still use your pinky.

When you get better, using your pinky will be easier than stretching your third finger.

Hope I helped

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Well the usual way is to use your index for the fret furthest towards the headstock (the 1st fret being the closest to the headstock) and then use your fingers that correspond to the fret they line up with.

By "string combo" I'm assuming you mean chord. There are a lot of diagrams if you just search with google that show you what fingers go where.

Hope I helped
Hey, thanks for the replys! I just picked "Smoke on the water" (seems pretty easy for a starter) as my first song and I am using my pinky moving from the 3rd to the 6th fret to get use to that like you suggested. Thanks again!