This is going to sound like a really stupid and noob question

but i was wondering, is there any exercise to increase you're finger strength??
besides bending strings.

And how do you know if you have strong fingers?
i think i have pretty strong fingers, changed the strings from one of my guitars from 9's to 12's and i don't see that much of a difference when bending
Squeeze a tennis ball or most guitar stores sell a device designed for finger strenghtening.
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get a ****ty ass epiphone acoustic with like an action thats like an inch off the fret board, haha works for me... although thats not what I got it for :P

but yea, they do make finger excersice things for guitars, or a tennis ball like goldie said
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I went to music live and got these free squeezy ball things, they help. i Also have a powerball...a wonderful piece of equipment.
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Hurt to play >.<

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go up and down the neck playin the pattern like 123.... but only with your middle, ring and pinky fingers