Ok i've gotten ahold of a local guitar shop that actually has a luthier dedicated to basses and only basses. Seems cool to me and he is quite good from what I hear. I contacted the store he works at but he wasn't there and they got ahold of him and he said to just bring in my bass and we'd go from there on defretting it. He has given me no estimate on the cost so I'd like people with experience with luthiers to give me a rough estimate on what you think a defretting job would cost. I would do it on my own but i fear my handiwork and he can do it better and then set it up for me too.

So basically what I'm asking is does anyone know what this should cost so I know wether he's trying to rip me off?

Also if you need to know it's a Dean Edge-One five string bass. My first bass and now that i've got a 6-er it's my project bass.
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