at least half as much as it's worth... so i'd probly just go with a different guitar if it's a big deal to ya.
inlaying is an art , some luthiers will do inlay jobs . if its a bolt on neck i would look at a replacement neck with the inlays you want
So when its all said and done its just not worth it then eh? bollocks.... thanks team
The only stupid question is the one left unasked.

getting your inlays replaced would cost a decent amount, and just isn't worth it. You could try some of those inlay stickers to see if they work for ya.


I've never used em... but for <$10, can't hurt to try them instead of spending a lot on inlays.
Inlays arent easy. And dots are put in holes that are deeper than an inlay like a Trapezoid or Blocks. So maybe finding a different fretboard of something would be easier. And yes, there is a way to take off a fretboard.