So I'm looking around and I see that these aren't necessarily mind-numbingly expensive for a new one...

Any comments on them? How hard would one be to acquire?
They are the reissue of Ibanez's flag ship model, the RG550. It comes with an Original Edge Trem (just like most RG550's), the V and S pickups and the cool funky colours (except black ).

IMO, they are awesome guitars. They are a great workhorse, and once you've swapped out the pickups, they are basically pro level guitars. They are quite versatile and the Edge trem is VERY reliable.

What music do you play?

As for acquiring one, where are you? Location affects availability and price.
Evilbay usually has several. There's an ad for two on the Gear Ads forum. The reissue doesn't have an AANJ, just like the original (they started putting AANJs on 550s during the last two years or production or so--i forget). So if you don't mind that, yeah they're great. They have titanium rods in the neck, which was a much-needed improvement because the original Wizard was so thin that it was very prone to warping. But yeah, excellent guitars.
I love my DY one; it sounds nice and the original neck profile is very comfortable.
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