Anyone reccommend the best accoustic i can pick up in the uk for £200 ish?

I'm playing a Gibson LP at the moment but would like to add a nice acoustic to it for picking up on the hop and chilling out to etc.

hopefully it will be easy to play with not to high an action etc...

i know very little about acoustics other than they all look pretty similar lined up on the wall in the shop lol!

cheers for any advice guys & gals
I've always been a fan of dean and ibanez acoutics. have a gander at some of there makes.
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I have a Squier stratacoustic which isn't then best but it plays comfortably and for £140 is pretty nice
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i was in the same situation. after visiting the local guitar shop and trying everthing they had in that price range, Ibanez and Alvarez were the best sounding and the most comfortable action. but that's still a matter of opinion.

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In general Dean's are crap, and Ibanez's, while not ebing bad, arent great. theres way more stuff out there.
For instance yamahas tend to be set up fantastically (all the oens i have ever played), they sound great and theyre cheap. I would reccomend a Yamaha, Takamines are good too. Check out this thread for ideas and go play some of the guitars from this thread
i recently got a fairclough accoustic, was about £215 , really nice for the money
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im in the same position as you ive been told yamaha fg as said and also washburn d10
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uhh, and more expensive.. Breedlove, Martin, Taylor

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