It's hard to explain really, but when I play it it just feels odd, and it's harder to play than my cheapo GSA60. I think it might be because of the jumbo frets, but who knows. The action cant get low enough without buzz, and the frets feel like they're too high/wide for really smooth playing.

My initial solution was to sell it and buy a strat (medium-jumbo frets), but im not sure if it's the cause of my dismay.
When I play it, and then go to my GSA it's like a whole new world, my GSA's a lot smoother and faster playing.

I generally push down fairly hard on frets, just natural I guess.
Get the truss rod adjusted.
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How much do most shops charge for setups like that? I would probably plan on having them do a complete set up, the action set, truss rod adjusted, pickups leveled correctly, ect.
i had the same problem with the transition, but i told myself, "self, ignore that crap guitar of yours and start playing your RG"

i listened and now im perfectly fine
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well youve just discovered the reason why you always play a guitar before you buy it (which im assuming you didnt)

everybody likes something different when it comes to necks and just because hundreds of people rave about ibanezes or gibsons or whatever it doesnt mean youre going to like the feel of them.