I have saved up about $500 and I want to get a good multi effects processer and i have narrowed it down to




Does anyone know which one is better? They both look good to me and i dont know which one i should get. Can someone please tell me which one i should get, thanks.
there has been numerous threads about this. do a search or something. i would say the gt 8 but it's a tough decision cause they are both equally good multi fx units
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The GT-8 has effects that are a little more unconventional than the POD if I remember right.

The VOX Tonelab is my favourite of the three major floor processors, mostly because it has alot of really faithful vintage tones.

The POD I've found is a little bit more suited to modern rock and metal players.

My bassist has a GT-8 and I feel that the amp models lack whenever he lends it to me.
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line 6 has the new pod x3 live out which is way better than the old version you should check it out.