we're looking to get some sort of recording device for our jam space. this will be used solely for recording practices, not for serious recordings. obviously, clarity of the recording good enough to be able to hear it is necessary. anybody got any suggestions? specific products? any insight would be appreciated. thanks guys.
a computer with a microphone and some sort of recording program, download some sort of mixer or something that'll just let you record for hours and you're good, if you have a mac garageband is perfect
true. that would definitely be awesome. but our budget is slim, and a computer unfortunately is out of our league in this situation. we're lookin at $700 and under (like i said, it doesnt have to sound amazing)
Well your options are pretty much limited to things like the boss micro BR or one of those little zoom things. you'd just have to stick it in the middle of the room and hope for the best.
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well first off buy a drum mic set (i couldnt recommend which) a bunch of sm57/58 for each amp and the singer

If there's a computer (or you can bring a laptop) then all of these through a mixer, through an interface (usb/firewire) and then just download audacity.

The main problem there is the channels on the mixer, you'll need a good few. a 12 track should do, but if you have the money to spare then go for 16 track to be on the safe side (or just work it out before hand)

alternatively you could buy a high quality omnidirectional microphone, but I have no clue on these. Best get yourself to the Riffs and Recordings section

edit: missed the lack of computer bit. Check out multi track digital recorders. Chances are a big enough one plus mics is going to be out of your price range
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