well im getting a new guitar around christmas time and i want to make sure i buy the right guitar...wich i thought would be a c-1 hellraiser fr. but a few minites ago i ran into this jackson in the cobalt blue finish

since i am having a problem making up my mind i decided to strech my budget to $800

i have a b-52 all tube guitar amp, and it is amazing, so i do not need a new amp or pedals.

looking for a guitar with the kind of body the jackson and schecter has, a FR LFR or OFR idc its my first FR guitar, 24 frets (perferably jumbo), and it has to be sexy.

i play lots of metal, some rock, and some blues

plz help me make the best decision possible, thx in advance
"I play lots of metal" sounds like the Hellraiser.

Hell, the Jackson works too.

Go play both of them at a guitar store and pick the one that feels best to you.


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That Cobalt Blue Swirl is a sexy ass guitar..
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i'd say go with the schecter
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but yeah its fine
To be honest I would play both a schecter and a jackson to get a feel for their necks.. They are very different..

I myself have a Hellraiser and love it, very high quality.
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i dont realy ahve a chance to play either of them befor i buy...well my friend does have a hellraiser
but i wouldnt know how the jackson feels so i should try them both and send back?
i have to order them, no one local has these