I was wondering what are some good tubes for tube amps... I currently have a vintage club 20 crate amp.. and i wishing to replace the tube on it... any good tubes????
i just get mine from my local indy shop. got a couple tung sol 12ax7 (russian) for the first 2 slots, cuz my amp was doing the Rice Crispies do-wop. $12 each. got my 2 6L6s from them too. they're sovtek. $20 each.
could i tell the difference between these, and a set of JJ's or eurotubes, or what ever specialy site? i seriously doubt it.
but then again, i haven't tried them. but the tech who's been working on amps for 10 years says they all come from 2 or 3 factories now. m'eh, doesn't matter to me. my amps sounds like whiskey-farts out of Arch Angel Michael
^ They do all come from just a couple factories (barring NOS tubes), but don't let that fool you. Each tube is built to the designer's specifications, not the factory's. You can have shaz tubes and great tubes coming out of the same factory.

You need to figure out which tubes your amp takes. A 6550 in a 6V6 amp is NOT a good idea, and trying an EL84 in your preamp won't be too nice for your amp either.
my vintage club 20 crate amp has russian tube...the model is vc-2112rb .. e187/6b95 (power tube) and sov tech 7025/12ax7... do u guys know what these tubes are made for???