I have a schecter C-1 plus and I want to upgrade. I have been looking at the Ibanez Xiphos for a while, and I want to be absolutely sure of my decision, seeing as my local music store doesn't have Ibanez, and the nearest guitar center is 3 hours away, I need advice from UG. Thanks.
I wouldn't simply because there are so many other better choices in the same price range.
if you want it go for it, i personally don't like the pickups, i'd throw in some duncans, but i like the shape and paint
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its a super wicked awesome guitar if u like the look+colour the pickups are shweet however UG has a bad policy on that guitars tremolo, so think about a replacement bridge six months after the purchase, which is about the time it may show signs of instability
however if u replace tremolo, thats a pro level guitar right there
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thats a pretty unique shape if ypu like it go for it!!... plus... the pickups arent as bad as they say... and you can always change them
I played one, pretty awesome.. Hate the trem but then again I hate all trems.. If I had one I'd just block it, plus the Xiphos has a ****ty trem anyways.
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If it's an Edge III trem, you're f*cked.

Get a Rhoads.
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get a warrior

the xiphos is $649, and for $779, you can get a warrior with emgs and a way better bridge
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go for it, although i second the warrior post, i have an edge III trem that holds tune perfectly after a year..., i think most problems are n00bs not knowing how to set it up, so go for it
i agree with chad, i have an edge III and it stays in tune for quite a long time, but not only that, it is pretty damn stable. i think around 80% of the people who say bad things about the Edge III have never even owned one, just heard what everyone else thought and jumped on the bandwagon. oh, and i abuse the **** out of my edge III, so its not like i dont use it, you know?