i was wondering if there were any programs like frootyloops (FL Studio) that were free to download. can anybody help me?

I haven't found any free programs like FL or Reason that even compare. Musicshake is okay, I guess.

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yea. i have reason. i love it. i was just wondering if there were any free programs that were similar
if by free you mean pirated, sure there are lol
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Well, the demo of Fruity Loops is basically the same except you don't have the ability to save.

I dont know of any other programs, but find a crack somewhere.
Thats how I use mine =]
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Like I said, the only free version I'm aware of that is even close to Fruity Loops is MusicShake, buts your not going to find it as useful as something like Reason or Fruity Loops.


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