A little more normal than my last. C+C please, thanks guys!

So I Killed Him for You

The lights will lead the way, but some will flicker
When they do I lose my way, and I get sicker
I was walking along the beach and saw your father
I said, "Sir, one day I will marry your daughter."
he hates me so he said, "Over my dead body."
but I love you, so I killed him, and i'm sorry.

To myself I thought "I know that we will happen"
And I hope that soon its you I'll be unwrapping
The notes tied to your name turn me away
But i dont put a god damn ounce of faith in what people have to say
Catch me staring one more time i dare you
Dont blink, cause I move quick, So in that split second Id be near you.
That just doesn't make sense, dude.

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Quote by lil-matee
what is a solo?
Quote by Muppet
That just doesn't make sense, dude.

Care to expand upon this?
I like the concept.. but.. what?
Originally Posted by"putnamehere"
You know youre a guitar player if you see hot girls and says:

"I'd tap her like a Van Halen solo"

and your friends are all:

"Dude, is that a new ice cream or something?"
I know it's really really strange, But I ****ing love this. It's like proper poetry. This would be great if it was like spoken word over music type thing. It's awesome
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I like it too, espesically the second stanza. It does make the sense, but because there's no linking verse/stanza/sentences it appears jumpy.
It's gonna be a blue day
so the basic idea is I should try to piece the story together better?