i just got my emg 81/85's in the mail today, but i dont wanna spend $50 to get em put in, does someone have a detailed website of instructions i can use? i really need the help and quick, and any advice will help, I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS
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that's just trouble waiting to happen imo, if you can solder and read a wire diagram then you should be ok. however it'd be best to take it in
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don't bother if you're not confident you can do it yourself.

I can get a single EMG in without trouble, but for some reason I can't get two going. I'm not enlightened to wiring diagrams though.
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I wouldn't try to install em; not the best idea unless you've done it before. I would go to some guy that has expirence in doing it, and ask for a lower price. And if you can't...well at least you know that the 50$ didn't go to waste. It went to your guitar.

Good Luck!
ok i was starting to install them myself, but there is a major problem, the volume and tone controls are connected and need to stay that way, but the volume and tone slots on my guitar are too far away for them to both reach, and i need about another inch for it to fit

here is my guitar

and the volume and tone knobs
Aren't there wires for that kind of thing already in the guitar???

You don't "connect the volume and tone controls" together, or to the pickups BEFORE installation, you just take out the old pots and put the new ones in their place using the same wires...
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DUUUDE try this go onto the gibson les paul one and it shows you how to change humbuckers there is also diagram under the surport heading for passive AND actives and changeing them out isnt really and biggy just calm down and follow this video :-)
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Things that are soldered together can be unsoldered. Just put a longer ground wire between the pots and add a little piece to the cap. I like to put a piece of shrink tube on each end of the cap so you dont have to worry about the bare wire touching anything they shouldnt. It isnt that complicated to do just apply a little common sense.