Rammstein. its a german band that plays a type of metal with loud guitar and in performances use A LOT of pyrotechnics. i suggest the song asche zu asche (it means ashes to ashes).
wow. Good job, you jsut realized this? They're like... huge and been around a while. way to be behind the eight ball
Last I heard of them was that they were 'dance metal'. That's almost as bad as HIM with 'love-metal'.
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LOL ! muther fuker i was gonna say that LOL!
Where have you been? Good band, go to the nu-metal forum though.

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does anybody have a sitar?
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you have to buy them from george harrison. He owns all of them
Guys, it's not 1998 again, is it? Was there a timequake? Should I be in school right now?