So many of ye play either this or 1.6?

Whats your fav map? Gun?

And how about setting up a UG Server. unless their one alread?
Lol Counterstrike.

Just play a nice game of Madden instead.
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Green, because a vest has no sleeves.

Can't we all just get a bong?
theres a ug clan, but the thread is lost in here somewhere
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I play condition zero
my fav map is dust2
and my fav. gun is the glock (just because getting a glock headshot feels so amazing)
yo the elites dude. heres how you do it. dualies and scout man. im tellin you thats 1337 5H17
I usually play office or assault. For guns it's either the m4 or scout. Steam ID is En†rºpy if you want to add me.
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breakfloor and the m3.
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I play pretty much exclusively office. No particular server. It's a game that's amazing sober and even better high. I love the P90.
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I play pretty much exclusively office. No particular server. It's a game that's amazing sober and even better high. I love the P90.

i do so good if i just smoked a bowl. I like the shotgun, deagle, and ak. we should make a ug server, i usually play on true grit just because it has tons of people on it all the time.
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Scout and p228...oh yea. I used to use the deagle, but the small clip really turned me off....so ya.
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M4 or AK, could never decide. I've no idea about favorite map, so I'll just be mainstream and say dust2.
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I love CSS but I don't own it...sadly...anyone here play CoD2 or 4?

i play 4, got it today

far better than counterstrike
Wow, I had no idea this many people these forums played css.

Fav. map: Inferno
Fav. Gun: AWP
Fav. Server: X/C pub
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i've been playing CS for a longgggg time. since beta 3 actually.

Favorite Map: Anything by Nipper (1.5 or 1.6)
Favorite Weapon: Steyer Scout
Favorite Server: ??????
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