Well I'm pretty new to guitars, not playing really but like models and brands and all that. For a while I've been thinking about getting a Standard Tele, althought I kinda wanted a tremolo, but I thought w/e. Then, I found a 60s Custom Telecaster with Bigsby locally for like $550, while they're normally like $900. At first glance I figured, "wow a tele with a tremolo, exactly what I need!" but I gotta make sure, what is this thing like really? Is it basically just like any telecaster but with a tremolo arm? Or is there anything else that's pretty different? I've read a couple reviews on it and they say it's great, but the thing is that most of the reviews on it seem to be coming from people that play country, jazz, and the like, while I play mostly punk, some indie and other types of rock, so I gotta make sure if this would be fit for that type of stuff like other telecasters are.
a tele is just fine for indie. pretty much any fender. i'm not a huge fan of tremolos, but if i had to have one, i'd go with a Bigsby. they don't look as cheap or "tacked on."

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while im not 100% sure, i'd venture a guess that it's just the same with a tremelo....but you have to remember the telecasters are traditionally a country/jazz guitar...so you'll more than likely find a majority of the reviews are by those types of player
But yes, i do agree that tele's are fine for your style
Bigsbys arent even close to being a Vintage trem in terms of range. Bigsbys are used in stuff like Brian Setzer. For smaller vibrato and qurter-step bends. Watch one of his live performances, youll know what i mean.

Teles are great for almost anything, from Country and Jazz to Punk and Indie. Id go with a Standard Tele, as a Bigsby wont really get u closer to ur trem wants, if u want something like a Strat trem or FR.
The bigsby is a vintage vibrato tailpiece that operates off of depressing the spring loaded arm which is attached to a bar with the strings running over it. You can't get the same amount of dive as you would with a fulcrum trem so don't expect to be dive bombing the crap out of it. And its probably an aftermarket installation of the bigsby if its a real one (I don't think a lot of Fenders came stock with real Bigsbys since there was bad blood between Paul Bigsby and Fender when the Telecaster was essentially stolen from Bigsby's creations.) I don't think it will have any negative effects on your styles of music.
thanks guys. and yeah, i'm not gonna be dive bombing it crazily or anything, but just a little here and there

Sort of unrelated question, but I'm not a big fan of the colors it's available in. About how much is a nice paint job for? Where could I even get one done, do places like Guitar Center and stuff do em?
^Whoo, a nice new paint job will cost a pretty penny.
What about an alright paint job then?

Also, do you guys think this would be a pretty big/noticeable step up from getting a standard tele, or should I just go with a standard and save some money (to potentially buy a better amp later).

I'm still kinda unsure about teles in general, is there anything else in the $550 and under range that you guys would suggest, I play mostly punk rock stuff like The Clash, and some indie stuff like Interpol and all that. I was thinking about a semi hollowbody like an Epiphone Casino or something. Or do you guys think that getting this Tele for $540 is too good a deal to pass up or something
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The 60s Custom Telecaster with Bigsby is an official Fender factory setup. You can buy a 60s Telecaster without the Bigsby but the paint job is more wine red.

I would buy the 60s custom tele w/ bigsby just because it's one of the sexiest looking old school guitars. Infact I hope to own one by 2009.
The tele will be fine for your genres, it will cover them pretty well imo (unless you mean this new type of pop-punk crap etc if you mean punk like The Clash, the tele is great for it) Alot of modern Indie bands use teles, also alot of the older more original style of indi use teles and similar guitars too.

The bigsby trem can do half-bends at most (the ones I have tried) and are not too great with tuning, if you only want minor/subtle vibrato then it will probably do, if you want anything more though it may not be suitable, make sure you try before you spend your dosh.