for the past year iv played bass/guitar, iv gone this store called altos, a bottom dollar warehouse-ish place, meaning there was no question on prices, it is what it is. but now im gonna go elsewhere and i guess i wanna see what u guys do to drive down the price of a guitar on a salesman. iv never gone to buy a car/guitar where u can actually negotiate with a salesman, so any help would be awesome, thanks guys.
One trick that usually works good, is if you can get it for the same price online. Then you can say well the shipping is free, and there no taxes online, and a case is included or something, and they should match that without question. Also BE VERY CAREFUL if you take a guitar from the floor, always try and get one from the back first.
I always say I found a brand new one online for cheaper.

Speaking of which, I did that today. Got a $100 Vox for $75. Hell yeah.
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When he tells u the price, suggest something a little bit less, like $480 from $500. and keep debating with em. Or maybe, if some1 asks u if u need help, tell him ur interested. Then maybe point out some small flaws on the guitar. He might take down the price a bit. Act unsure about the purchase after he tells u the price. If hes a comissioned salesman, then hes gonna wanna make the sale, and hell drop the price some.
there is a guitar center and a sam ash right beside each other near where i live and i just go back and forth between stores telling them that the other store lowered their price and if they wanted my money then they'd have to lower their price even more. it annoys the **** out of them and i usually get stuff really cheap.
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what i find helpful - be as friendly as possible and just say you can only say pay £425 for a guitar but you really want one what say is £500 and its always worked for me.

Although now im actually a regular and on first name basis with most of the workers so i get most things alot cheaper and things thrown in
Here's what you want to do... it's gear, so you're obviously interested in everything! Find whatever your looking for, spend some time with it to let them see that you definitely interested. When they come back over to you or once you've played around with it long enough, all you have to do is say, "yea, sounds awesome. What kinda deal can you give me on it?" Don't be afraid to ask for a deal, they've got plenty of room to make and give deals on just about everything. One thing you can't get deals on are cables, unless they are those crappy cheap cables that they're loaded up on. And there are a few companies, such as Mesa/Boogie, that sell at full retail value and there's no possible way the store can cut you a deal.

Just ask for the deal, they want your money. They don't want people walking in and out of the store empty handed.
Actually, Alto music will bend their prices if you pay with cash. Have you ever tried haggling with them? I know for a fact they'll drop prices on used stuff and anything they want to clear off of the floor. Make sure they know you're definitely interested and have all of the cash in hand. It doesn't hurt if you buy stuff every once in a while for full price, they'll start to remember you. The guys at my local Alto music know all of my past purchases and that makes them more willing to cut me deals. Good luck!
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thanks guys i appreciate it. i have the whole "well on musiciansfriend, its this much, blah blah blah" thing ready to go. the only problem i see is that im going to be financing this guitar so idk how well some of these tricks might work, or if that will make a difference or what, but ill definitely try.
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It doesn't hurt if you buy stuff every once in a while for full price, they'll start to remember you. The guys at my local Alto music know all of my past purchases and that makes them more willing to cut me deals. Good luck!

Very good point. After a while, once the same guys see you coming back again and again asking for deals everytime... they won't turn you down, but they're not going to give you loyal customer deals. Once they see that you buy from them often, they'll usually start cutting you some slack. I buy a lot from my local stores, I've only asked for a deal once. Since they see that I always come back, they actually make me offers!