Alright, so

I have a Gibson Les Paul, approximately 1973, but thats an estimate so if somebody could help me figuring out the year exactly, that would be cool.
But i was wondering what the value of this guitar is.

The Frets are pretty worn down, and I'm planning on getting them replaced whenever I can afford it (probably not for a while), and it has a few marks and scuffs in some places, but it is in pretty good shape. I have the original knobs and thing that goes right above the top fret (idk the name for it). Also it is slightly worn down on the back of the guitar from like belts and typical wear, hopefully pictures will explain it all.

Front View

Front View(2)

Serial Number

Back of Neck

Back of Guitar

If you want to see pictures of any other spot, just let me know because I have a lot of pictures but didn't want to post them all.
Thanks, Brendan
Not worth selling, but definitely worth keeping!
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Gibson started using two pieces of mahogany with a thin piece of maple in the middle. I think it started happening in the middle of '69, then continued throughout the 70's.
I doubt I would ever sell this guitar, has quite a bit of sentimental value, but I was really just wondering what it would fetch if I tried to sell it, what it was valued at. I asked a repairman at DC Music and he said its a ~1973, and $2500-3500 price range.

anyone else have an idea of what this guitar's value is?

Thanks a lot