Here is what I think a cool song I made was, criticism would be wonderful.

EDIT: Now here is an updated one, I'll C4C.
Listen to my songs, but only if you are prepared for the greatest experience of your life .
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its good for an intro, you should write more to it, lower the volume of the choir ahs cause they out stand the guitar, also i didn't like the sound of the drums following the guitar strumming patterns.

mind critting mine?(new one in sig) thanks.
Not bad. I would maybe watch the volume of the rythym guitar when it first comes in and the piano. It sounded pretty cool though.
Pretty awesome definatly. but the nylon acoustic was pretty loud and overbearing compared to the piano. Also, I think you should make the drums slowly come in and not just "BAM" all up in there =P Good job though
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