Hey There,

Recorded a new song a while ago and would like to see what people think, anyway the drums are pretty ****e cos there off a keyboard and i don't have a clue what im doing.

Leave your link and i will crit back



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Its really quite good. The drums do sound really fake and digital, equalizing may help. Its a good song tho. You have an awesome voice, no doubt about that. The guitar playing is ok, just sounds pretty repetitive, just chords, but the solos are both pretty cool. I like it. very 90's sounding.
hey man, the drums don't sound too bad. i mean, you can tell they're digital, but they do enhance the song a little. it goes off time sometimes, so you should try doing the drums first and playing along with guitar later... that might help.

this isn't my style of music, but it is pretty catchy. the solo has some good bits but there are also some choppy parts. i'm sure with practice it would be smoother. try incorporating some hammer ons and pull offs to make it nice and smooth.

the double tracking was cool too, but i'd try panning the vocal tracks to different sides (this also goes for the other instruments).

good effort for a song, definitely!

by the way, it should be "no" one's listening, its cool though

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