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Twin Reverb
8 62%
Super Reverb
5 38%
Voters: 13.
twin. the '57 tweed one.

but if u ask me which blackface, probably super reverb, or the vibroverb.
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Twin reverb... super reverb wasn't that great.
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Twin. Though I never played a Super, so I based my opinion on Twin vs. Deluxe.
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i <3 Super Reverbs, i love the 4x10 setup compared to 1x12/2x12 the Twins come with. I just overall prefer the sound of the Super's. Besides, Twins are so insanely loud.
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twin... i likes the 2 x12 verys much
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Quote by ECistheBest
twin. the '57 tweed one.

this man knows what hes talking about.
tweed twin ri, i will bankrupt myself, but i need an extra. its wonderful.
but the blackface twins are nice, classics i tell ya!