If I bought a Jackson RR3 fom GC, I'm wondering how much more I could get. I don't like the pickups in it, so if I bought a pair of EMG 81's would they install them fo free? I would want either free installation of p'ups or a free hardshell. Maybe even both. What could I get or am I expecting too much?
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no they charge about $40 per pup. nop idea what they would do for free. but they charge twice as much as small stores.

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you might be able to get a free case...or one at a discount
but i think thell have you pay for pup installation
With my experience with GC, don't expect to get anything free. They have the worst deals anywhere I've ever seen.

Also, on an unrelated note, don't get an EMG 81 pair, get either an 81/85 or 81/60, you need something to play cleans, even if you play metal, there will be times you need cleans.
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