ok here we go. This is my second song i dont really like it. but i was convinced to post it. anyway i dont know of a title and any help at all would be greatly appriciated
i am sorry for the bad spelling and grammer.


Hunderds of miles seperate
us from our perfect fate
me and you together forever
this idea has already made
song after song of cliché

so what makes us so different

light nights on the phone
empty rooms home alone
on my lips you still linger
the string still on my finger
so now i sing another cliché

distance will doom us anyway
and yet were still able to say
we will be together forever
even though life is no fary tale
every day good people fail

what makes us so different

white doves symbolise all that is pure
and rain symbolises rebirth
spring is the season in which life begins anew
and in that perfect world we would be
but that world does not and never will exist


cliché after cliché and still we say
that our love will push us through
baby i love you but we both know
nothing makes us any different

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another love song
i thank god for you
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