Which Randall shoud I go for the RG75 G2 series or the replacement the G3 , I have heard the G3 isnt that great for heavy stuff, I play thrash metal early Slayer & Exodus, all help apprecaited.
Hey man, I have a G3 but never heard a G2.
- it has tons of bass
- gain 2 is really heavy.
but I use distortion with the Boss me-50.
I think you can get really heavy with the amp, but you should try one out!
I have a question for you, is it normal that 20 seconds after you have put on your amp a bumming comes up with continues with the same simple constant sound, no matter how loud master volume is? you don't hear it when you are playing, but when you're not it is annyoing. Could you help me out? Greetings