no way is that a solid top. that does not mean its not a good deal, but unless it specifically says solid top, it never is.


try that one.

better yet the dreadnought model for 180$, or go up in price range.


or this one with accessories included for cheap, but no pickup.

epi's are pretty much the only solid top guitars under 200$, they're your best bet. ibanez has good guitars for any price under 700.
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Eh, that's not really that great of a guitar. If you're wanting to stay really, REALLY cheap and still get a solid top... here are some options from Epiphone and Yamaha:


Also, maybe look at this Blueridge if you can find one. I've never played this model, but I'm a fan of the Blueridge guitars I have played. This one has a solid top and is cheap!