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....So wouldn't this be a case for abortion?

well it's a case for equality. inadvertently it's a pro-life argument. listen to pro-choice feminzais talk about men's rights. they'll sound very pro-life.

why does a woman have the right to terminate a baby until birth, but a man's right ends at conception. listen to great gloria steinam quotes like:

"he should have thought about that before he stuck it in!"

"he should have to accept the consequences of his actions!"

right. i forgot men have to accept responsibility of actions, but women don't. they just get an abortion and don't worry about raising a kid. a woman, when choosing abortion or not, chooses for herself AND the father. why should her choice affect the rest of my life? if she doesn't want the kid, she eliminates the problem. if she does want it, tough shit for me!

i have no problem with forcing deadbeat dads to pay for children. if they're going to make them do that, women must account for their actions too and be forced to raise children they had. and don't bother mentioning rape cause it is completely irrelvelant to these cases of consensual sex.
I'm not watching. But if she says she was infertile, you should still be careful. If you can't afford child support, don't take ANY chances. Is it really that much of a hassle to pull out and just go on her face or something?
"This is The End, beautiful friend, The End"