I'm thinking of putting some new pups in my HSS Strat. I'm gonna go with Dimarzio PAF Pro/HS2/YJM. I like the hotter sound in the neck, but I'd like to be able to get a single coil sound as well. I was thinking about putting a putting a coil tap on the YJM and possibly the PAF. Is it possible to do this with just a single push-pull pot? If not what would I need? This is a new idea to me and I'm not sure how to go about it.
Well, you have a HSS strat so you can only split the humbucker...er...I may be reading it wrong Idk. Unless youre saying that youre putting single coil size humbuckers in the single coil slots on the guitar...if thats the case, then you can use just one push/pull pot to split all the pickups assuming they all have four conductor wiring.
I've done some reading and I can split just the neck single-sized humbucker. How do you think I should wire the rest? I read somewhere about using a push-pull to add the bridge pickup to any of the other settings on the 5 way switch. What would this sound like? Should I have both of the single-sized pups split on the same switch, separate switches, wire them as singles? I'm new to all this wiring stuff.
No usually can only run one pickup per tap switch. You could just have 3 on off switches for the pickups. Then you could have any on at one time you wanted.