ok so i'm a freshman in college right now, surrounded by really nice tail. theres this girl back home who's a really good friend of mine (she's a senior in hs). but ever since i've started college, my feelings for her have sky rocketed, probly cuz i miss her so much.

here's the problem: i want to be with her, but i dont want to "be with her," meaning i just want to be friends with her, and thats it. i cant fight my feelings for her, and i'm afraid of whats gonna happen if i try to pursue her.

any thoughts of what i should do?
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Relationship thread.

If you don't want to "be with her", whats the problem?
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My thoughts are that this belongs in the relationship thread, before you get reported.
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Go For it. You don't want to go through life wondering what could've happened.
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Seems to me... that what you need to do is... listen to your heart and not your brain... or penis... or whatever you're listening to right now... probably some sort of heartbreak music... Also, why shouldn't you have feelings for her?

murderotica is right, in a bizarre way.

Once you hit that... chances are u'll be like.... "aww, damn girl, DON"T TOUCH ME!" then u'll be like... "pfft, she wasn't all that..."
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You're a freshman in college and she's a senior in HS? That's pretty much zero age difference and entirely acceptable.
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I really must ask: What are you afraid is going to happen if you go after her?

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Be honest..

It's your sister, isn't it?

That was my first thought at the thread title

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That was my first thought at the thread title

HAHAH me too!
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That was my first thought at the thread title

Me Three! Although I was thinking his mom, not sister.
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Well think of it this way, if you don't hit that someone else will, so you might as well get a piece of the pie before everyone has their finger in it
yeah, you aren't making any sense. you love her, but you only want to be her friend. not to mention you aren't even together yet.

what's the problem here? just keep living life.......
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