My friend and I are going to an actual haunted house for the first time..I've heard alot of rumours about and old man appearing,random smoke,and other mysterious stuff..but I guess i have to find out for myself.

Have any of yall had this expirience yet? Part of me is scared..yet I'm really interested in what will happen..thoughts?
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for the love of god dont go to that house! No questions! I was meant to give you this message!
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eat some acid tabs prior to entering. you'll have sooo much fun...


I stayed the night in a "haunted" hotel once and nothing happened to us. In fact we all got really trashed and scared the **** out of the rest of the people staying their by dropping bottles and crap down the laundry shoot. I guess we made quite a scene cause we were asked by the front desk clerk the next morning if we had heard strange noises throughout the night. Thats right I'm the ghost!
please take some pics if anything weird happens
im really really bored
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okay when your REALLY REALLY scared go up to your buddy from behind.......

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eat some mushrooms prior to entering. you'll have sooo much fun...

i like the way you think.
Bring a video camera, holy water, chalk, a miniature crucifix, and Duracell batteries.
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