I just purchased a mesa dual rectifier solo head and sometimes when i change the channel it makes a loud pop does anyone know what this is? , should i be concerened and how to get rid of it.
Thanks a lot any help is appreciated.
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ive never owned a mesa ,but ive heard in a few reviews thats what it kinda does when you change channels, but im not sure.
It does that going from channel 1 to channel 2. Its perfectly normal. When youre warming the amp up (when its on standby) just do a quick run through of your channels with the footswitch. Start with channel 1 and quickly tap through the channels a few times. That usually gets rid of it with me and my Triple Recto. If it still does it when its off standby just do keep clicking through the channels until it stops.
Alright thanks a lot i was pretty worried i guess its something of a static build up or something then.
R.I.P. Dimebag darrell
^ Yeah more or less. I actually think that it mentions something about it in the manual...