I just found this somewhere around the house and I was wondering who made it and what it is. It doesn't seem to have any kind of munufacturers name on it.

Click to make it bigger.
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link doesnt work dude, wat u do is right-click the image, go to "copy image location" or something to taht effect, go to post on UG, click on the pic icon, and paste the image location into there
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yeah that link is messed up
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Yeah, I forgot that you have to be a member of myspace to do that.

Does anyone know how to post a pic?
You right-click on the image, click on properties, select the URL that is next to where it says "Location" and copy it. Then you put that URL into this code: (Invalid img) and it will display the image. I forget if it does it in Internet Explorer, but if you use Firefox then you can also simply right-click on the image and click on "Copy Image Location" to get the URL.
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honestly i have no idea... but a friend of mine has one similar to that but it is more of a stratocaster shape... his dad said he got it at like searsin the 1960s
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Something Teisco... I'll have a poke around...

Edit: Yup, Teisco TG-64 with the finish stripped off (I don't think they came in natural, it'd explain the absence of a headstock logo as well)...

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With the finish taken off- less than $200. Most guitars in this category (charming junkers) don't rake in more than $5-600 at most. And even that's quite optimistic.
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