First, the visuals
GK Backline 600 head
Ibanez Soundwave Combo
Avatar 4x10
Avatar 2x12

Right now, I have the Ibanez combo amp listed above. I think I'm about ready to upgrade to a stack, only my cash is a little limited. I hope to have a stack with the avatar cab and the GK head by Christmas. I'll have money for at least one in the next week or two, the other part would be paid off before or by Christmas.

Anyways, to the questions:
Whichever I get, I'd like to use as soon as I get it (the head or the cab). Which of those two would I get the most use out of immediately? I've already played the GK head, and I love it, especially the distortion channel already built into it. I know how to unplug the head of my combo and put the GK straight into the cab, only I'm a little bit worried that 300 watts into that cab might overpower it, because it's only listed as 100 watt. Is this a real concern, or does the wattage have more to do with the head than the cab?

Also, as far as the cab goes: it comes in both 4ohm and 8ohm. I'm not going to be playing anything bigger than a small club anytime soon, but I have thought about eventually adding a 212 to the bottom of it a long time down the road (and I mean long time). Does the ohm level effect much more than the ability to add extension cabs, and which ohm would benefit me more NOW. Keep in mind that it would be many many months (if ever) before I decide on the 212 or not. Which ohm level would you suggest getting?

I also got to thinking about 212 vs. 410. 410 gets better mids and highs, and 212 better lows? So I would assume the 212 would be the priority of the two, since mids and highs don't really concern me. The 115 I've been playing with has been given me the perfect tone and sound that I want, so I don't see any reason to stray away from that formula.

All I can think of for now, I'll post more later if I can think of it.
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i would get the 8 ohm 410 first... that 410 has a decent low end, and at 8 ohms, it won't be getting all 300 watts from the head. when you get the cash, add an 8 ohm 212, to bring the ohms down to 4 to get more wattage and add more rumbly lows, without adding too much more of the mids/highs.
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1) Wattage has all to do with both things. if you have a head that has a lot more watts than the cab, and you crank it, speakers will start dieing, but if you have a head with not enough watts, it wont be loud enough.

2) 8 ohms will benifit you the most right now and in the future, the 8 ohm load will help keep the amp from destroying your speakers by lowering the amount of wattage it can put into the cab, and you can add another 8 ohm cab later to bring it down to 4 ohms and increase the wattage safely.

3) there isnt really a question in paragraph 3

hopefully this is more organized and easier to understand than my last post.
i thought i had magic fingers once, and had uncovered the fountain of love.

turns out my girlfriend was just peeing on me.