i think i am going to get an Applause AA21 acoustic guitar. its like 140 bucks i think. anyone have one and can tell me what they play like. i have played an applause a long time ago but it was an acoustic electric one, probably more expensive but i just wanna hear what some people have to say about these. thanks
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Dude.... spring for an Ovation.... Also, get an acoustic/electric, they sound great through a decent amp and thats about the only advantage Ovations have over some guitars. Ive got an old Applause and its not very good.
dude that was my first guitar ever. i love it. its friggin awesome. it has a really deep bowl though. ovations are thinner. it gets a really good sound though. i really like mine. best way to go for something cheap. i got mine like 5 years ago though so i dont know if they changed the design or something.
and about the playing it plays pretty good. the neck isnt too large or too small. the action should be about perfect. you might want to get some light strings.
yikes. i can't stand ovations. their tone... awful. sitting down and playing one... they slide off my lap. their looks - like someone made a plastic bowl and slapped it on a nice front.
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buy one you think you like.
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