ok i bought a washburn off of ebay and it didnt have the trem arm, so im wanting what size and which one i need to fit my guitar... heres the pics of the trem and any help would be appreciated... and i know the quality sucks, but it was either that or a pic from my phone...

Guitars: Washburn SW style with 2 humsand a single coil..
Washburn Lyon: single hum..
and i know my guitars arent the nicest lol..

Amp: line 6 spider 3 head... i know this isnt all that great either.. good effects though...
You're MUCH better off just going to your local shop, and rummaging through their bag of trem arms. TRUST ME! I'd had to replace a few trem arms, and there's no way to be sure you have the right one until you try to screw it on.