On finding good and easy enough rock/metal songs.

will be gladly appreciated , thanks : )
I have, but many songs of wich I tried are beyound my skills
(are you dead yet - children of bodom, holy war - Megadeth, etc)

so anything a litle lower than that would be apreciated
Listen to some metal. Then find a song that sounds like you could play it. Find the tab. Attempt to play. If you can't even play the slowest simplest metal song, try your luck at Punk.

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heres some songs that are somewhat easy. i dont know your skills at guitar. but most of these songs are made up of power chords. if you have trouble with these songs, just keep practicing them and youll get it.

Runes to my Memory- Amon Amarth

Sweet Dreams- Mariyn Manson

Down With the Sickness- Disturbed

Feuer Frei- Rammstein

Fuel For Hatred- Satyricon

Smells like Teen Spirit- Nirvana

What if i Lost- Blood Simple