Hey all,

No idea what genre to put this in so ill stick it in here, hope its cool.

I have been buying every Zappa album I come across this year and I would like to hear some more stuff by others like his(if there is anything close ).

Anything like the stuff you hear on Trans-fusion and Waka/Jawaka. The jazzy weird stuff like Manx Needs Women and The Purple Lagoon. I haven't heard anything else like Zappa stuff and probably wont, but anything similar?
He died... Yes, He died in a bizarre gardening accident.
The only thing that I can think of that you might look into is Mike Patton. He's a very busy artist that has worked in almost every facet of the music industry with many, many artists.
Does anyone know the song that goes: ba ba bah, ba ba buh, bu ba bum, ba ba bah, ba bu buh, bu bu bum, bu ba bu bu bum baam?